If eligible, our assessment and psychotherapy services are offered as part of clinical research, and are therefore free of charge. By participating in these studies, you and your child will be providing information that will be helpful in expanding scientific knowledge about fears and anxieties in youth.

Anxiety Studies in Progress

By participating in this study, youth and parents may benefit by gaining an increased understanding of the youth’s anxiety concerns. The initial evaluation will also allow us to determine if your child would benefit from participating in one of our current treatment studies.

If you are eligible and interested in participating in research, you will be asked to complete a few additional tasks during the intake evaluation. These tasks add approximately one hour to the assessment process. These tasks include:

  • Three brief videotaped interactions between parent and child.
  • Both parent and child will play a video game.
  • Both parent and child will be asked to provide a blood sample and two saliva samples. We use these biological specimens to study the role of various hormones in childhood anxiety.

Our program aims to develop effective ways to identify, prevent, and treat anxiety in children. If your child is between the ages of 2 and 5 and is experiencing significant anxiety or fear, you may qualify to participate in this study. You may benefit by learning more about the nature of your child’s anxiety and how it impacts his/her daily life. If the evaluation reveals that your child meets criteria for an anxiety disorder, we will provide you with the option of receiving treatment in our program, or elsewhere (the treatment would not be provided as part of the research study, only the initial assessment).

Participation includes:

  • The parent will complete several widely-used questionnaires.
  • A 30-45 minutes videotaped interaction between the parent and child.

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